Going back to Katanga

Megan and I are heading back to Katanga for the first time since we left in December 2011. We have lots of things we need to do and are cramming it all in on a 2 week visit.

We have some fun things that we are going to do with the children in the slum but also we are planning on taking them for a school trip (it’s surprise, so you are going to have to wait for the pictures to be uploaded).

Our flight is on the 14th of August and we are looking for anyone who has any of these things that they want to donate:

Laptop smaller the better (10″) and something that would work. Our teachers and trustees in Uganda need one for record keeping and keeping in contact with us; even using it for Skype conversations between children and their UK sponsors.

Plates and Cups about 30 of each, the reusable plastic kind, not the through-away-after-each-time-you-use-them kind.

Paint various colours perhaps about 500ml of each…?

Blue-tack and other stationary…

Plasters or other simple first aid items.

If you have any amount of these or anything else you may think was useful for our school then please send us an email at hopeforlifekatanga@gmail.com.

Thanks all.

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