Lots Donated

We have been amazed by the generosity of some people giving away various things for us to take for the children in Katanga. We appreciate that people have been digging through their garages and lofts to retrieve various items that would be so useful for our children.

recently we met a lady who donates a lot of time to a Charity called ‘Dress A Girl Around the World’. The idea is that people make dresses to send across the seas to those who need them. This lady oversees the UK side of the Charity and we have partnered with her in taking dresses and shorts out to Uganda to give out to those who need them. Find out more information about the amazing work she does on her blog.

We are nearing the completion of writing the schedule of what we are doing in Uganda for the 2 weeks and we are excited at the prospect of what we will be doing. Looking ahead these 2 weeks will be pretty hectic. We have some surprise outings, activities and other exciting things for our children and friends in Katanga. You will have to be left in suspense until we release pictures and videos towards the end of August…

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