Opening Presentation Evening in Nailsea

We are inviting you to the opening presentation of our Charity, Hope For Life Katanga.

We are aware that many people have heard snippets of what we have been doing in Uganda over the past year and also aware that some people may just be interested in finding out who we are, what we are doing and want to hear more.

We are holding an evening where we will share with everyone how and why we ended up starting this charity, where we are currently and our hopes and dreams for the future.

The presentation will be held at Holy Trinity Church (2 church lane, Nailsea, BS48 4NG) from 8pm until 9:30 on Thursday the 9th August.
There will be no obligation to commit to or give anything but just an opportunity to find out more information about Hope for Life Katanga.
Be prepared to enjoy some good coffee and cake!
If any of this sounds interesting, come join us.

Find out about who we are and what we do by continuing to look through our website or check out:

One thought on “Opening Presentation Evening in Nailsea

  1. Mark and Megs that was a truly inspirational evening – your passion and enthusiasm for your vision shone through – you are inspiring a generation
    .I encourage people who were not there to invite you to share your story and journey with you and support in any way they can. Be encouraged!

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