Christmas Cards Arrive

As we head closer to Christmas we are aware that people are super organised and have already got their Christmas cards. We also know that a huge percentage of people are not quite so organised and are looking for cards. There are still a third group of people, who haven’t got their Christmas cards yet because they have been waiting for ours to be printed to buy some.

We have 3 types of Christmas cards. 2 of the cards have a picture of the children that attend our school in Katanga Slum. They were so excited to wear Santa hats (not that they knew who Santa was).

The first is our orange cards coming with envelopes and costing £1 for 1, £3.50 for 5, or £5 for 10.

Second our simple design cards coming with envelopes and costing £1 for 1, £3.50 for 5, or £5 for 10.

Third are a variety of home-made cards costing £1.20 each, 5 for £5 or 10 for £8 (including envelopes).

If you are interested in not only purchasing Christmas cards but also knowing that 100% of your money is going to the charity Hope for Life Katanga, then there are plenty of ways to order some…

1. Send us an email at                                                        2. Send us a Facebook message (not forgetting to ‘like’ our page in the process).               3. Find us at a Christmas fair near you. I mean, near us, we don’t travel that far.

If you are sending us a message then just include which Christmas cards you want, how many and an address or a plan on how we can get the cards to you.

(Is it too early to say…?)

…Merry Christmas all.

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