Fridays on the Sports Field

Each Friday Afternoon, we take the children to the local ‘green’ to play some sports, get some exercise and more importantly, have a whole load of fun! Copy of SDC14956

This is Christine who has just received a Sponsor to send her to a local private school. She will be leaving our Hope for Life informal classes and starting school in January (the start of the Ugandan school year).Copy of SDC14966

Christine is wearing the dress she got given from the charity ‘Dress a Girl around the World’Copy of SDC14975 Some of the children got well stuck in and some, as you can see from the picture below (the girl in the white) was a little bit nervous.SDC14981 SDC14982 SDC14983

These are our children who are due to break up from school for the Christmas holidays. We have children who join in our sports on Friday who also don’t go to school. We are building up relationships with all these kids too, so we know which children are the most in need of education.

As our children, in the Hope for Life school, get sponsored, we can then add the children on our waiting list to our school.  SDC14988



If you would like to sponsor any of these children for £20 per month and would like to know more about our Sponsorship program then click on the Sponsor a Child page

We are hoping to get 20 children sponsored to go to school by January… Can you help…?
SDC14905 SDC14908 SDC14910 SDC14915 SDC14939 SDC14938 SDC14930 SDC14921 SDC14943 SDC14981SDC14990 SDC14989 To find out more how you can Sponsor a Child then click on the following link… Sponsor a Child page.


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