New year developments


January 2013 is often seen to many as the time for change and it certainly is the case for us at Hope for Life Katanga.

Not change in the sense that we have altered everything we are doing and working towards (aims and objectives) but the other change, the change that means we can provide a better quality service to the people of Katanga.

We have hired another teacher who has vast amounts of experience, working in education and social work for various charities similar to Hope for Life Katanga, including Oasis.

We have already been feeding our children during the day in our Hope for Life school but we have now hired a cook to provide breakfast and lunch for our ever growing school.


We are excited about these 2 new recruits, believing they will be what we need to further the work that we do at Hope for Life Katanga.

We certainly wouldn’t of been able to hire either of these without the vital support from those who Sponsor a Teacher or give to the project monthly. To sustain the project we still need more people to add to our supporters list, so if you feel you are able to Sponsor a Teacher for just £20 a month or give another amount monthly to the work we are doing then please fill in the form below.

Thank you for your support and be sure to keep your ears open for more news and developments as we dive into 2013.

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