First children going to formal school

Since Megan and I went to Katanga for the first time in September 2011, we have been dreaming about giving children in Katanga slum a chance to an education. Ever since then our trustees have worked hard at hiring teachers, recruiting volunteers; working hard to see us achieve this goal.


From an early stage we wanted to find away to get these children into a school where they are able to have the opportunity of receiving a good education for their future. We decided it would be great to find willing people from all around the world to partner with us in sponsoring a child to go to school for £20/month.

We had one big problem, as the children had not received education before we needed to get them to an academic level where they would be able to pass a school entrance exam, and have a good understanding of basic subjects that they will be taught in their new school.


We then started our small school in Katanga slum, teaching these children until we thought they were ready to attend school and when we had found sponsors for them.


In Uganda the school year runs from January to December. This January we enrolled our first 3 children into a formal school, they all passed their entrance exam and are enjoying going to their new school.

schoolHere is a picture of James, Christine and Alex looking smart in their new school uniform at their new school.

These 3 children leaving our Hope for Life school means we can receive another 3 children from Katanga slum who vitally needs education.

If you would like to find out more about how you can sponsor a child like these 3 above then fill out the form below. You can also visit our ‘Sponsor a Child’ web page to find out more.

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