Soon to return to Uganda, can you help?

So it’s just 42 days before Megan and I will be boarding the flight to go back to Uganda for the 3rd time. This time we won’t be on our own, being joined by a mixed group of people; some who have been to Uganda before and some who haven’t.

We also have some friends who are going to Uganda separately, who are meeting us out there to do some medical work within Katanga Slum for a few days.


We are looking for various items that we would like to take to help the project and to further the work we are doing out in Uganda. If you could have a look at the list below and see if there is anything that you may like to donate (or perhaps you have a spare lying about?).

  • Footballs (Maybe new balls that haven’t been pumped up yet, so we can transport them efficiently, taking up less space in our bags).
  • Other balls; tennis balls, squidgy balls, volley balls… anything you can play with.
  • Skipping ropes (individual or group ropes)
  • Frisbee’s
  • Cricket set (aged 4-15)
  • Hand sized Bean bags
  • Sport cones
  • Pump, for the balls
  • Valve; for the pump, for the balls.
  • Face Paints
  • Easy exercise books (numbers, letters, sequences, colours, shapes)
  • Colouring books
  • Sewing patterns (for our new sewing machines we are just about to send out)
  • Sewing kits (needles for hand sewing, thread etc)

We appreciate any donations you feel you are able to give, second hand is fine but we want to show these children and families that we care enough to give them good equipment, so only items that are in good condition please.

If you would like to donate any of the items above then either, reply to this post, email us at or ring us (In the UK) on 07999 554996, otherwise we might end up with 10 pumps and no balls to pump up.


Below are a few pictures of the kids, with items that people donated to us, to take out for our school in August 2012.

2 thoughts on “Soon to return to Uganda, can you help?

  1. Hey guys, I would be happy to get some sewing things from work if you’d like – all new and everything! 🙂 xx

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