Day 1 – Arriving


After a long flight and not much sleep we finally arrived in Uganda, being met at the airport by one of our Founders, Francis at 3am. A big thanks to him for getting up and collecting us at that time, especially when it was 2 days before his wedding Introduction (A traditional part to the Ugandan wedding where the 2 families, and villages, get formally introduced).


We arrived in Katanga Slum, after a good sleep, being met by the families that we work with, waiting for us in the school building. It was so good to be back. After the families, and Megan and I got over our original excitement of seeing each other we then introduced the rest of our UK team, with the families introducing themselves and speaking of how Hope for Life has helped them.


The rest of the day was then made up of making our way around the Slum, populated with over 20,000 people, getting to know more about the slum we are just about to spend the majority of our 2 weeks in.


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