Vivian, her girls and the LRA

IMG_3917[1] As I was walking around Katanga I was stopped by a lady, who was sitting outside her home with her 2 girls. She explained about how she has heard that Hope for Life had been doing some good work in the area and that she need helps too. (It is not unusual for us to be asked for help, whether in education or in the giving of loans to start their businesses).


I wanted to know a little more about the family, other than they just needed help. So while they were preparing for their meal I asked her name and the names of her 2 children. Winnie (in the 1st picture) went to an orphans school and was in P5 and her younger sister went to a different school, which I have visited a few times.

I asked where she was from, Vivian (the mother) said she was from Northern Uganda. “And how come you moved to Katanga from the city?” “Because they burnt all the houses in my village so we had to move”.I had a good idea of who ‘they’ were but I asked anyway just to make sure,  “the Lords Resistance Army (LRA)”, she replied.

I chatted to her for a little while longer about her family and her life but I couldn’t get over how the LRA had affected her families lives. I had heard a lot about Joseph Kony and the LRA, read books, watched films, read news articles, watched YouTube videos, and was emotional because of them but… when I met this lady and her family I suddenly felt a connectedness to the issue in northern Uganda.


I now don’t need reporters on the TV to tell me the stories of ‘those’ who have been affected by the LRA, I now hear the news direct from the people that we work with in Katanga.

In the process of moving to Kampala for safety reasons, they fell into a high cost of living and poverty in Katanga.

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