Day 6 – Dresses


This is now the second time that we have partnered with Dress a Girl Around the World, to take dresses to Uganda, to distribute to various children in Katanga. We took 50 dresses and 30 pairs of shorts that had been made, back in the UK, mostly out of pillow cases.


We gave out some dresses in our class rooms, to children who live local to us. We then went round to different peoples homes to give out more. As well as it being a joy to hand out these clothes, it is also quite hard as there are thousand of children in Katanga. Who do you choose to receive a new dress?


We have now given out a total of 90 dresses and 50 pairs of shorts, and with each of these children, they are so excited to receive a new, handmade dress/pair of shorts made specifically for children like them.


Below are 2 sisters after receiving their new dresses. I stayed in Uganda for the next month, after giving out the dresses, and very rarely saw these 2 girls out of their dresses; only when their mum needed to wash the clothes.


But there are thousand more children in Katanga, let alone the millions of children around the world, who have never owned a new, pretty dress. So if you are interested in getting involved in making your own Dress to send out then check out the following website for a simple tutorial


You can also find Dress a Girl Around the World on their Facebook page to keep up with all they are doing, not just in Katanga but around the world.


We really want to thank all those people who have put time and effort into making clothes for those around the world. Follow the link to find more pictures of children in their new clothes… New clothes for children in Katanga.


Click on the link to find our previous blog from our recent trip to Katanga… Day 5 – Dr Katanga (Part 2)

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