Sending Singer sewing machines to Uganda

This year we received a very kind donation of 8 singer, sewing machines for us to take out to Uganda. We run a Livelihoods project for adults in Katanga slum, assisting them in starting businesses, though training, support and the giving of loans, so they are able to provide a sustainable income for their family.


Our next aim is to send these machines out to Uganda and to do this we need £400.

Can you help donate towards sending the machines?

The best way to donate is through our Golden Giving page. Even what you feel is a small amount of money will go along way to helping us get these machines to Uganda. We will post lots of pictures of the machines as they arrive in Uganda, including pictures of the women in our Livelihoods program learning to use the machines.

Thanks for your help…

Donate by clicking the following link

2 thoughts on “Sending Singer sewing machines to Uganda

  1. Thank you so much for helping us in Uganda, we are blessed to have you in katanga. I am very happy for your help in Uganda.

    With the help of “Bridges of Hope” we learnt to use sewing machines especially in quilting but the challenge is most of us we don’t have the sewing machines.

    Sir, I am requesting you kindly if possible extend your program to Entebbe where we are, single moms, hardworking and will to work to sustain our families and eliminate poverty in our families.

    I hope my request will be put under your consideration.

    Thank you once again.
    Kind regard
    Muyambi Beninka

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