Finally a charity

We are now a registered charity with the Charity Commission (No. 1153897).


This is a big moment for Megan and I, for our Ugandan Co-Founders, our trustees and Hope for Life Katanga as a charity.

Candlelit meeting

I remember sitting in a room with Megan and our 3 Ugandan co-founders (Francis, Moses and Joshua), with the only light generated by a couple of candles, having a meeting, discussing what it would be like if Hope for Life Katanga got to the stage where it needed to be registered as a charity.

The moment I describe was exactly this time 2 years ago (when Megan and I went to Uganda for the first time)

Since that time the 5 of us, with some other amazing volunteers, looked to do all we can for the community of Katanga, which meant being registered.


The first process was to become a registered CBO (Community Based Organisation) in Uganda. This process was relatively quick and easy.

Megan and I were still travelling at the time for another 8 months, so by the time we got back to England, we looked to get registered as a charity in England. You can only register with the Charity Commission if you have an income of over £5,000, which we didn’t, so we registered with HM Revenue and Customs as a small charity in September 2012.


When we finally passed the £5,000 mark in 2013, we sent off our application. With a few emails back and forth, the Charity Commission were happy with our application and, on the 23rd of September 2013 (as in a few days ago), we became a ‘proper’ charity.

We are so excited about this, not because of the added paper work, but because it allows us to do more for the people in Katanga, Uganda.

We have done a lot in these past 2 years from that original candlelit meeting;

  • buying 2 buildings
  • teaching more than 25 children, whose parents couldn’t afford their education, in our catch up classes
  • we now have 7 children sponsored to go to formal school
  • given out loans to 10 women to start businesses
  • sent sewing machines out to Uganda for women to use in their businesses
  • becoming registered as a CBO, then with HMRC and finally with the Charity Commission.
  • etc. etc.

… and we thank you so much for being involved in the work that we do in Uganda, we really appreciate it.

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