Daisy – Education Officer

So Daisy… do you want to explain what your job is here at Hope for Life (HFL) and what that means you do throughout the week? I am the education officer, which means I oversee the education of children aged 4-15 in our catch-up classes. I focus on teaching the more advanced children (usually older), while Rebecca teaches the younger children.  As well as teaching, I oversee our Sponsor a Child program, making sure that all the school fees are paid on time and that all the children are progressing well in school. We make sure we continue supporting each child in their education, even though they have now left our catch-up classes. IMG_7559

How did you come to start working with us in Katanga? I started work with HFL in January 2013 after speaking with Francis (Director), who said that I should apply for the position of Education Officer. It was clear when I met with Francis, of the ambition of Hope for Life, for the people of Katanga. I caught the excitement for the work they are doing in Katanga and applied for the job.

Do you want to let us know a little about your working background? I first got a degree in Education and became a teacher at a local school. I then got a job as Head of Education at Bambejja, Oasis.

Which is where you first met Francis? Yes, Francis and I worked at Bambejja together for a while. I also became a qualified counselor and more recently got a degree in Development studies. I really want to be involved in something worthwhile, changing the lives of lots of children through education.   IMG_6839


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