Dennis (8 years old) lives with his grandmother, aunt, uncle, and four siblings. Considering this fact it is clear that the one room house is much too small to properly house the family and the visitors. Dennis was raised, with his mother and brother, in a village but when the family began to suffer and there was no longer enough food, the grandmother agreed to have them live with her in Katanga, in the city. Unfortunately there is still not enough money to send the children to school. For now the children have some food, a small home to live in, but no access to formal education.

The family has seen a change in both Dennis and Cosmas (Dennis’s brother) since they started school. The two boys have become much better behaved and the family feels that they are learning valuable skills. Their grandmother and uncle wish that Hope For Life could help more children, like Dennis and Cosmas, attend the catch up lessons in Katanga. Hope for Life can only help other out when Dennis and Cosmas are able to find a sponsor who can send them to formal school, which will open up space in the Hope For Life classroom. A willing sponsor will not only be able to help the two boys, but will open the pathway for even more of the families children to have access to an education.

Do you feel you are able to afford just £20/month to send Dennis to school? 

If so send an email to us, letting us that you would like to sponsor a child, to and we will let you know how you can make a difference.


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