Give a gift

If you wish to securely donate any amount of money in the form of a 1 off gift then please click Donate.

Golden Giving is an ethical charity that receives donations and sorts out the gift aid on our behalf at no cost! No cost to us as a charity and no cost to you as the giver, so 100% of your donation will go straight to the work we do in Uganda.

If you would like to give regularly then send us an email at We will then reply with details to set up regular giving.

If your interested in sponsoring a child or supporting a teacher you can either find more information by clicking on one of the tabs under ‘donate’ or you could also send us an email to the above email address.

Help us achieve our goals of:

– Providing slum children with an education

– Helping carers and families become self sufficient

– Providing clean water to as many of the 20,000 people in Katanga slum as possible

– Bring hope to vulnerable children and families and enabling them to attain improved living


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