Katanga slum

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The community of Katanga is located two kilometres from Kampala’s city centre in Uganda. The slum has now existed for over 20 years, in a valley between Mulago Hospital and Makerere University. A recent (2008) census found that Katanga has slightly more than 3000 make shift, temporary rooms that accommodate an average of 2 adults and 5 children. This makes over 20,000 people living in this slum.

With the slum located right in the city centre the cost of rent is expensive which leaves even less money left over to provide for their families. Some have inherited their homes when their parents have died and others believe that being in the centre will lead to more job opportunities. In a community where the average person lives on, or less than, 50p a day means many can’t afford medical expenses, school fees and only have enough to feed the family a basic diet.

Sanitation is a big problem in Katanga with residents using the central stream that runs through the middle, as water to wash their clothes in, to cook their food with and to drink from. This is a serious issue regarding that it is the same water that people wash in, wash bikes in and is often used as a toilet. The stream is fairly stagnant so is an environment which harbours various water diseases that will affect locals. Katanga has 4 toilet blocks in the whole of the slum in which people have to pay for. So because of the cost many don’t use these toilet blocks.


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