Our vision for the Livelihoods program is to invest time & love in supporting the parents in Income Generating Activities, so they are able to earn money to support their own children through education.

Below is the model process we use to help the adults in Katanga Slum.

  1. We provide education for the individuals in various subject area’s e.g. Maths, English, Money Management & Business Management.
  2. Write a Business plan, including showing realistic loan repayment.
  3. Practical workshops, to follow on from their activities named in the business plan e.g. hairdressing  selling produce, weaving bowls.
  4. A loan is then given to each individual or group, according to their request in the business plan.
  5. We then work with the parents to assess the business and provide further support.
  6. We can then give the re-payed loan to the next person.

Below are examples of the parents we work with in our Livelihoods program. You can see our up to date work of what we do on our Livelihoods Blog.

Learning in the Hope for Life classroom

Making bowls out of banana leaves

Women with the bowls they made before we sold them in England

One women running her small produce business

Livelihoods carer making mats out of straws

The carers in our Livelihoods program on a trip to the Zoo & Lake Victoria

The typical Katanga family we are working with


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