James Story

James is the oldest student at Hope For Life. He lives with his mother and four siblings but his father is absent. During the days James used to spend his time in Katanga slum often unsupervised. One day James went missing and was not seen again until he was found in a market three days later. Unfortunately he had been abducted and taken away from his home in Katanga slum. This event underscores the greater picture of security in Katanga slum and the dangers that children and adult residents face. Without the chance to go to school James spent much of his time wandering in the slum. James also often goes hungry from day to day like his siblings.

Hope For Life has provided James with a wonderful opportunity. James is able to attend the catch up lessons and practice skills that will be essential if he is to enter private school.  Without Hope For Life James would still be spending his days unsupervised in Katanga slum. Fortunately the classes give him a place to go where he will have the chance not only to learn, but also to be safe. James has had his formal education interrupted but with the help of a sponsor he will be able to begin again. The support of a sponsor will provide James with the invaluable gift of education.


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