Shafiq (10 years old) lives with his mother along with six other siblings. The mother also takes care of several other children of her relatives due to deaths in the family. The home is small, and there is not enough room for all the children and the adults to live comfortably.

If you follow the link you will see more of Shafiq’s family and his home… Shafiq’s Home

Shafiq’s mother works when she can but when you are caring for so many children it is difficult to find a suitable job. Her work brings in some income but it is far from enough and relies on family in Jinja to help cover her rent. The mother, often cannot pay their landlord, barely able to pay for food for her family. She is eagerly looking forward to the day when Hope For Life can help find a sponsor for Shafiq to go to school.

The family have been living in Katanga for many years and had not received any kind of schooling until Hope for Life identified them for the catch up lessons. Now Shafiq and his brother Akram are attending the lessons. Both boys have become more responsive and respectful, it is clear to the family that the lessons are helping them. The mother is very pleased and thankful of the work of Hope for Life so far. She is positive that if the children are given a chance at a proper education they will someday be able to help support the family and live a better life for themselves out of the slum.

Do you feel you are able to afford just £20/month to send Shafiq to school? 

If so send an email to us, letting us that you would like to sponsor a child, to and we will let you know how you can make a difference.


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