Support a teacher

Our two teachers provide informal education to vulnerable children in Katanga slum.Our teachers have a realenthusiasm for the slum and work full time teaching the children. They teach lessons in English, maths, health and livelihood skills. In the school holidays they also organise and run holiday clubs for the children.

The cost of one of our teachers is £80 per month. You can help support a Ugandan teacher for £20 per month (or an amount that you would be comfortable with). The sponsorship will provide our teachers with a good wage to support themselves and their family; in some cases it also helps pay for their own university fees. A small amount of the sponsorship money will also cover stationery and resources for the students whilst they are attending our informal school in the slum. With your help and support the £20 not only helps the teacher but also helps continue to provide care and education for the children that attend our school daily.

The sponsored teachers will write regular letters to update their supporters.

If you are able to sponsor a teacher, please email us at, with the subject ‘Support a Teacher’.


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