Support a Livelihoods Officer

Can you help with supporting a Livelihoods Officer for £20/month?


We have recently given out loans, to women in Katanga to start their own businesses. After the success of these loans and their repayments, we have decided to give out more loans, to help relieve other families out of poverty.

We are now at the stage, where we need to hire a Livelihoods worker, to oversee all the loans and their repayments, lead workshops and teach classes, read through business plans and to be a continuous support to these women, through their businesses.


Our Livelihoods focus is to see families earn a self sustainable income, through the businesses they set up and the loans and support we supply them with.

The families we work with can barely pay for rent, food for the day, medication and, just as importantly, their children’s education. We want to empower these families, so that they will no longer be in the situation, where they need to choose between spending money on food, medication or their children’s education.

If you are interested in helping to hire a Livelihoods worker then send an email to us at



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