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Journey of the Sewing Machines to Uganda – Part 1

Megan and I spent a solid day and a half packaging the sewing machines and then driving them to London, ready to be flown to Uganda.

They are due to be arriving in Uganda this afternoon (7th August 2013); we can’t wait for the women in Katanga to start using them for their businesses.

Keep an eye out for pictures of the sewing machines out and being used in the next few weeks.


Day 3 – Painting


Before we came back to Uganda we thought that the classroom may need a fresh lick of paint and something done to help brighten the room up further. We want our catch-up classes to be a place where the children can come and feel inspired and motivated to work.


One of our co-founders, Megan getting involved in brightening up the room.


Chris putting his creative, decorative talents to good use!


Painting on rough plastered, wavy walls with objects in the way is not easy but we appreciate the work all the guys put in.


Today was also Megan’s birthday so one of our teachers, Afisha, surprised Megan with a cake that we shared amongst the painting team and our neighbours in Katanga too.


The children in our classes certainly appreciated the colour, numbers and letters on the wall and the teachers appreciated a darker blue on the wall to shield shoe, scuff marks a little bit more.

To read about writing & swapping letters with a school in Bristol, England read our previous blog Day 2 – Letters

More Christmas Cards Arrive

Our original order of cards turned out to be rather popular and sold in just a couple of weeks, so due to the demand we have ordered in some more that have now arrived.

The picture on the cards below are of the children that attend our school in Katanga Slum. They were so excited to wear Santa hats (not that they knew who Santa was).

Your order will come with envelopes and costs just £3.50 for 5, or £5 for 10.


If you are interested in not only purchasing Christmas cards but also knowing that 100% of your money is going to the charity Hope for Life Katanga, then there are a few ways to order some…

1. Send us an email at hopeforlifekatanga@gmail.com                                                        2. Send us a Facebook message (not forgetting to ‘like’ our page in the process).

If you are sending us a message then just include how many cards you would like and an address so we can post the cards to you.

Merry Christmas.

Day 10 – Art

In school we teach the children a variety of subjects, with a core focus on English and Maths. Both Megan and I know that people learn theoretically (black writing on white paper is all they need to inhale information), we also know some, like us, are very practical learners…

…check the rest out and find some more pictures by clicking here.