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Journey of the Sewing Machines to Uganda – Part 1

Megan and I spent a solid day and a half packaging the sewing machines and then driving them to London, ready to be flown to Uganda.

They are due to be arriving in Uganda this afternoon (7th August 2013); we can’t wait for the women in Katanga to start using them for their businesses.

Keep an eye out for pictures of the sewing machines out and being used in the next few weeks.


New clothes for kids in Katanga


Before we left to come to Uganda, we had been given some hand made dresses and shorts to give out to the children in Katanga slum. Various people around the world make clothes through an organisation called Dress a Girl Around the World, coordinated in the UK by a women who lives locally to us called Louise Horler. Below are a few pictures from when we went along to a sewing event and made our own dresses for girls around the world.

Keep an eye out for the little boy wearing a ‘hand-me-down’ dress, as his siblings are all girls. We made sure we gave him a pair of nice, red shorts.

Also see the difference in the dull brownish clothes the children were wearing before to the new colorful clothes they are now wearing (along with their infectious smiles!)

Thanks to all those who have made, the children we work with, lots of dresses and shorts.

Making dresses for girls around the world

Yesterday we came back from a charity dress making day at Cordial and Grace in Bristol. We got taught how to make the dresses that the charity ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ would send to clothe those who need them throughout the world (as the charities name suggests).

The dresses are made from a simple pattern design, usually out of pillow cases, altered to fit various aged girls. We had fun learning to sew, chatting, drinking tea and eating cake. It was a great feeling knowing that you were making clothes for those in the world who need them.

On our recent trip to Uganda we took about 50 dresses and 20 shorts that people from all around the UK had made. The children in Katanga Slum absolutely loved their new clothes and they really appreciated people making the dresses for them.

The girls in Katanga Slum just after putting on their dresses.

If you want to find out more about the charity ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ then you can click here for their website or here for their Facebook page. It is great to see the dresses being sent to those who need them and we are looking forward to going out to Uganda again to take even more dresses.