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News report on Katanga and the work we do

Check out the news report below of us on National TV in Uganda. The ‘Slum Report’ describes the poverty in Katanga and the work we are doing to help combat it.


Creative Learning Centre


Starting today (10th June) these six girls, plus six more will be starting at the Creative Learning  Centre (CLC) for the next step in their education.

We are partnering with Viva (an international charity focused on creating a network of organisations to create lasting change) and Kampala Baptist Church, to help run this education program, adopting the students into the wider vision we have at Hope for Life Katanga. Originally the CLC accommodated each class for 3 months, educating them in all things creative.


Adopting this project and its students into our wider education program, practically means overseeing the selection of the children from Katanga into the CLC, as well as providing follow up support in each child’s education, following the 3 months in the CLC. We will also be supporting the current teaching staff in the fantastic work they are already doing.


 The Creative Learning Centre aims to get marginalised girls back into school by offering non-formal, innovative education in a wide range of subjects – with an emphasis on numeracy and literacy.(You can read the full blog about the CLC in Uganda from Viva here.)

A few of the girls have children which they bring with them to the CLC. As soon as schools in Uganda realise a girl is pregnant they will exclude her, offering no other option of continuing her education.

After their 3 months in the CLC we will be looking for sponsors to take these children to a school in the city for £20/month. For those who are too old, have children or it is otherwise not suitable to go back to a mainstream school, we will still be looking for sponsors to take them to a vocational school, to further the practical skills they learnt in the CLC, bettering their opportunities to finding a job and earning a sustainable income for them and their families.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child into either a school for the next 5 years, or sponsor a child into vocational school for the next 2 years then let us know by filling out the form below. We would love to hear from you.


#MatchitMay is now over


#MatchitMay is now over, 31 days of matching money spent on your chosen item. Megan and I (UK co-founders) have just donated our matched money to our online fundraising page…

If you have been taking part in #MatchitMay then head on over to our fundraising page to make your donation.

Thanks all for taking part, your donations will really benefit the lives of many in Katanga Slum, Uganda


Livelihoods building renovation

Since early 2013 it was quickly becoming clear that we needed to purchase another building for our Livelihoods work. We had been using our Education building for parent workshops and classes but we were struggling to fit these classes alongside the children’s catch up classes.

So during last year we bought another building in Katanga that we have now started to renovate for our Livelihoods project. We want to be able to empower adults in the community in earning a self sustaining income. We currently do this by teaching money management, business management and practical workshops that will help them to find new skills or further existing skills, which will assist individuals in running successful businesses.

We want to have a purpose built building that will be able to strengthen our Livelihoods work and be able to transform the lives of many lives in Katanga.

Below are a few pictures of the renovation so far…

The pictures below shows some of the Livelihoods work in action, whether it is in the blue catch up classes, on the pathways of Katanga or in individuals homes.

We are so excited for the potential that this building offers. The women, who we have given loans to, are now using the building to repay their loans and are also just as excited as we are to set up the sewing machines in the new building.

Our Livelihoods officer has busy planning and organising all the activities/workshops/trainings etc. that we will offer to Katanga residents when the building is complete, workshops including tailoring, catering, craft making, hairdressing.

We are now eagerly waiting tables, chairs, blackboards and cupboards so we can start using the building properly.

Thanks to all those who have helped donate towards the work we are doing in Katanga.

This New Year

Last week Hope for Life Co-Founder, Megan, said that it had felt like this new year has ‘crept’ up on us. I completely agree with that statement, for some reason 2014 seems to have come really quickly for us, after a successful and packed 2013.


A lot has happened within this past year; from having our first child sponsored to go to school in January 2013, to having 10 children sponsored starting back at school this month.


As we have had 10 children sponsored, we have welcomed 10 more children into our catch up classes.


We have some new staff, who are really going to help progress the work we are doing further and have said goodbye to some of our faithful, staff and volunteers who have now moved on. We are so thankful for their early commitment to the work we do in Katanga and are sad to see them move on but we are so excited for our current team and for the work we are going to do during this next year.


We have acquired a new building for our Livelihoods work, which is being renovated during this Christmas/New Year break. We can’t wait to give out more loans to women in Katanga to start their businesses and earn a ‘living wage’ to pay for their children’s education.


We are looking forward to helping as many families as we can on their journey to escape poverty.

We are looking for more people to give monthly to the work we are doing in Katanga. If you feel you are able to give something monthly e.g. £5 – £20 – £100 then please let us know by emailing us at hopeforlifekatanga@gmail.com. If you are not sure but would like to give a one off donation then you can go to to our online payment website to give a donation.

Big thanks for your support throughout 2013 and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

Day 6 – Dresses


This is now the second time that we have partnered with Dress a Girl Around the World, to take dresses to Uganda, to distribute to various children in Katanga. We took 50 dresses and 30 pairs of shorts that had been made, back in the UK, mostly out of pillow cases.


We gave out some dresses in our class rooms, to children who live local to us. We then went round to different peoples homes to give out more. As well as it being a joy to hand out these clothes, it is also quite hard as there are thousand of children in Katanga. Who do you choose to receive a new dress?


We have now given out a total of 90 dresses and 50 pairs of shorts, and with each of these children, they are so excited to receive a new, handmade dress/pair of shorts made specifically for children like them.


Below are 2 sisters after receiving their new dresses. I stayed in Uganda for the next month, after giving out the dresses, and very rarely saw these 2 girls out of their dresses; only when their mum needed to wash the clothes.


But there are thousand more children in Katanga, let alone the millions of children around the world, who have never owned a new, pretty dress. So if you are interested in getting involved in making your own Dress to send out then check out the following website for a simple tutorial http://sewscrumptious.blogspot.co.uk/p/pillowcase-dress-info.html


You can also find Dress a Girl Around the World on their Facebook page to keep up with all they are doing, not just in Katanga but around the world.


We really want to thank all those people who have put time and effort into making clothes for those around the world. Follow the link to find more pictures of children in their new clothes… New clothes for children in Katanga.


Click on the link to find our previous blog from our recent trip to Katanga… Day 5 – Dr Katanga (Part 2)

Day 2 – Letters

IMG_1302Within the term before we flew out to Uganda, students from Sea Mills Primary School, Bristol had written letters to our children in Katanga, introducing themselves and explaining about their lives in England.


In the picture above, Chris and Megan are helping the students read the letters written by Sea Mills students.

Our children loved to receive the letters that others had written for them, they spent the rest of the morning reading all the letters as well as writing and drawing their replies. The theme of the letters were, ‘what can I see out of my window’.


It was an obvious difference in presentation and the vocabulary used in the letters, from the children in England, to those in our catch-up program, who had never been to school but it is always amazing to see the progress from the children most of which, a year and a half ago, couldn’t even use and hold a pencil correctly.


Read the previous blog Day 1 – Arriving by clicking the link.


Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to you all, we hope you have had a great time perhaps seeing your family & friends, eating some good turkey and sharing lots of gifts with each other.

We finished the school term in December with an end of year Christmas party with all the children in our school, the teachers and Ugandan trustees too.


& A Happy New Year. We in Uganda are looking forward to a new school term in January with some more new faces. A few of a children have acquired the sponsors necessary to send them to a private school, in Kampala. These children have studied hard, have really got to grips with learning and have shown real improvement in the last year in the Hope for Life school.


Both our teachers and social workers have worked hard, over the past year, to ensure the children are at a standard where they are able to attend formal school and pass the entrance exam.

As we have some children leaving our school, we will have more space in our classes to welcome in more children, from Katanga slum, who can not afford & need education.

IMG_7711Tendo (the girl in orange), who goes to the Hope for Life school, with her friends; all who have never received any formal education.  

We want to thank all of those people who are currently supporting our teachers to teach the children in Katanga, to a level where the can attend formal school. We are also thankful for those who are sponsoring children to start school in January 2013.

If you would like to know how you are able to support a teacher or sponsor a child then fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Education Livelihoods Health Water

Hope for Life started in Katanga Slum giving Education to 15 children. We wanted to invest in these children’s future, helping them to attain more in their lives. Our goal is to provide a basic level of education in our school, to get them to a level where they are able to attend school themselves. We would then find people to sponsor this children to attend a local school for them to get their accredited education.

We then decided that it was great to invest in the child’s future but the parent needs to earn money to feed the family today, not just in the future. So we started up the Livelihoods project looking at ways we can support and encourage the families in earning money and supporting their families.

The Livelihoods project still has a time frame attached to each family; time to learn the theory of how to run a business and money management skills, time to then actually run a successful business to be self sustainable and earn enough money to provide for their families.

Whilst we were working with these families we has instances where a boy in our school broke his leg (a collision with a motorbike), another boy in our school and his younger sister got very serious 3rd degree burns (the boy is still alive but the 1 year old girl died whilst Megan and I were in Uganda in August 2012), various children and members of their families were still getting ill with Malaria and other diseases.

We then started thinking about the project Health to help with these situations. With the aim to produce malaria nets, medical help from trained nurses and doctors, an emergency medical fund, which means we can pay for life saving treatment when there are serious illnesses and injuries with the families we work with. Education also plays a huge role in the health of the Katanga residents, so we look to address these issues in our school and Livelihoods program.

Our whole ethos at Hope for Life Katanga is to be a support to the families, helping them to earn money for themselves to be able to provide for their own families. The last thing we want to do is to give money to the families as we know this is a short term fix to a long term problem. The only exception is when a family we work with has a life threatening, or serious, illness or injury.

A huge part of bad health is dirty, stagnant Water being the main problem for diarrhoea, malaria, cholera, E.coli, typhoid, salmonella to name a few. For as long as people are forced to drink, bathe and live around dirty water then they continue to get ill. We are currently doing some research into the cleanliness of the water, before we know what to filter/safe guard against.

Making dresses for girls around the world

Yesterday we came back from a charity dress making day at Cordial and Grace in Bristol. We got taught how to make the dresses that the charity ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ would send to clothe those who need them throughout the world (as the charities name suggests).

The dresses are made from a simple pattern design, usually out of pillow cases, altered to fit various aged girls. We had fun learning to sew, chatting, drinking tea and eating cake. It was a great feeling knowing that you were making clothes for those in the world who need them.

On our recent trip to Uganda we took about 50 dresses and 20 shorts that people from all around the UK had made. The children in Katanga Slum absolutely loved their new clothes and they really appreciated people making the dresses for them.

The girls in Katanga Slum just after putting on their dresses.

If you want to find out more about the charity ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ then you can click here for their website or here for their Facebook page. It is great to see the dresses being sent to those who need them and we are looking forward to going out to Uganda again to take even more dresses.

Day 11 – School

It was September 2011 when we first visited Katanga Slum; we met a few people, got shown round the slum and then decided we wanted to do something that would benefit Katanga. We thought about what we could do and decided to start by teaching 10 children,  (But the number of children quickly rose to 15 as another 5 unexpected kids turned up on the first day), aged 4-12, 4 days a week…

Find out about how Hope for Life Katanga & the school came to be, how it has progressed and how it was when Megan and I visited Uganda in August 2012, by following the link below…



Day 10 – Art

In school we teach the children a variety of subjects, with a core focus on English and Maths. Both Megan and I know that people learn theoretically (black writing on white paper is all they need to inhale information), we also know some, like us, are very practical learners…

…check the rest out and find some more pictures by clicking here.

Day 9 – Reading

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You may remember during the past year we ran a ‘reading tent’ day, partnering with Children International. This day was, for many children in Katanga slum, an introduction to reading and writing.

Following up on the introduction, we decided to do another reading day for those in the slum who aren’t directly involved in Hope for Life…(For the rest of the blog and pictures click on the link, hopeforlifekatanga.com/day-9-reading/)