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A few pictures from Katanga, Uganda so far.

Just wanted to share with you all a few pictures from my time in Katanga, Uganda so far. I upload quite a lot of pictures onto our Facebook page, so if you want to keep up to date with what we are doing in Katanga then check it out. Be sure to ‘Like’ the page.


Mamma Akram and her family


It was great to sit with Mamma Akram and Family this afternoon, whilst they all were pulling off the wings and legs off Grasshoppers ready for frying (a tasty treat, even if it takes a while to get over the fact that your eating a bug!).


We were chatting swapping stories about each of our families and lives, when I asked how much she was to earn from her family pulling these legs and wings off?

She replied, ‘300 shillings per cup and we have now done 3 cups’.

The family had worked together to get 900 shillings that day, which totals to 23p. 23p that 5 people had been working for. I asked why the boys were helping and why they were not playing football or something else, she then replied, ‘because they know that if they do not work then we do not get money to feed the family tonight’.


A harsh reality from the lives of people who live in Katanga Slum.

Day 1 – Arriving


After a long flight and not much sleep we finally arrived in Uganda, being met at the airport by one of our Founders, Francis at 3am. A big thanks to him for getting up and collecting us at that time, especially when it was 2 days before his wedding Introduction (A traditional part to the Ugandan wedding where the 2 families, and villages, get formally introduced).


We arrived in Katanga Slum, after a good sleep, being met by the families that we work with, waiting for us in the school building. It was so good to be back. After the families, and Megan and I got over our original excitement of seeing each other we then introduced the rest of our UK team, with the families introducing themselves and speaking of how Hope for Life has helped them.


The rest of the day was then made up of making our way around the Slum, populated with over 20,000 people, getting to know more about the slum we are just about to spend the majority of our 2 weeks in.


Day 9 – Reading

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You may remember during the past year we ran a ‘reading tent’ day, partnering with Children International. This day was, for many children in Katanga slum, an introduction to reading and writing.

Following up on the introduction, we decided to do another reading day for those in the slum who aren’t directly involved in Hope for Life…(For the rest of the blog and pictures click on the link, hopeforlifekatanga.com/day-9-reading/)