The Concept behind Livelihoods

Hope for life Katanga is an organisation which started in September 2011 providing informal education to vulnerable children within the slum. We firmly believe that if we can provide children with a decent education they will not only have a better life and standard of living but they will also be able to raise the quality of life and standard of living for those in the country around them.

With our hearts focused to the younger generation we have realised we cannot just feed money into families but we need to teach the parents how to live self-sustained lives to be able to provide for their big families. Sponsorship of children is a great way to invest in the future of children’s lives but if it is not accompanied by investing in families and specifically parents to care and provide for their children, then we could potentially just be encouraging individualism, and even though we put money into a specific family it doesn’t necessarily solve anything without a wider plan.

We have decided to focus on women, but not excluding men, as it is the women, who on the whole look after the majority of children when their partners leave. In the New Vision newspaper, it was recorded that in a survey, 59% of Ugandan women aged 15 – 49 have experienced physical and sexual violence in their life time. This shocking statistic very much makes women, whether married, single, divorced, widowed or other, hugely vulnerable and susceptible to abuse and certainly to a lack of hope for them and a potential family they may have.

Our building is being used for the whole community, to provide care, training, workshops, micro-finance opportunities but most of all hope, to a collection of people who could so easily give up on hope and life.

We will continue to work with the families of the children who are being sponsored, so that by the time the child has left primary school for secondary school, the parents will be able to provide for their own children to go to school, with skills including finance management. So our child sponsorship program will hopefully only last 4 – 7 years per child before the parent can support their children themselves.


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