The UK founders


Mark – I originally trained and worked as a zoo keeper in England for 4 years before leaving my job in August 2011. Megan and I then flew to Uganda and co founded the charity Hope for Life Katanga with Francis, Moses and Joshua.

I have voluntarily worked for Hope for Life since October 2011, doing lots of necessary paper work, accounting and informing you all on what our amazing team is doing out in Katanga. Alongside this I do a some building and grounds work to help pay the bills and I am currently in the middle of my degree with the Open University, studying International Development & Business Management.

I love cycling, spreadsheets, a challenge and a greasy, roadside rolex (an omelette rolled in a chapati).


Megan – After leaving school at 16 I trained and worked as a gymnastics instructor and then worked as a nanny before leaving to go travelling. I came to Uganda not knowing where my heart would take me, when visiting Katanga I felt this is where I wanted to be to try help make a difference. From being shown round the slum it was clear that a lack of education also meant a lack of opportunities in life. It was because of this that we started teaching the 15 children in Katanga.

I am working as a nanny again, looking after two lovely children, spending time assisting their development whilst having loads of fun. I get in the office as often as I can to work for Hope for Life, as well as working at various events.

I enjoy dancing, playing hockey and am learning to play the ukulele.



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