Our aim is to provide clean water and better sanitation for the people of Katanga Slum.


We are currently in talks with various water & sanitation charities to see us achieve this goal. Below are a list of the main problems in Katanga that we are looking to address:

  1. More toilets with better sanitation – There are only 4 toilet blocks (a total of 16 pit latrines). in Katanga for a population of 20,000 to share.
  2. Clean drinking water – The people in Katanga use various sources of water to drink, bath and cook with, all are not clean, often causing various illnesses, including diarrhea, which can lead to death. 
  3. Proper drainage – Mosquitoes thrive in these conditions throughout Katanga, which as we know leads to heightened possibility of Malaria. Cholera, E. Coli & Typhoid are among just a few of the bacterial, waterborne diseases, which can be contracted as a result of dirty, stagnant water and no appropriate drainage.  


When providing a service, like those above, it is important that it is partnered with appropriate education and with the involvement of the community leaders, so that the whole community can take ownership and know the importance of clean water and better sanitation.

river katanga

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